Tasha has an amazing gift of presence, care, and insight, and I feel so seen and safe when working with her. She has this unique ability to take me to really deep places in such an effortless way. I feel like we are dancing into the depths to transform anything that is no longer serving me, so that I can live with more Truth and lightness. Since her work is all about embodying whatever we are working on, the experiences and transformations during the session prove to be long lasting changes in my life.
—Sue Vittner, massage therapist, coach, artist

In both sessions, I embodied the main polarities using gestures or poses. Switching from one to the other, I could sense the link and connection between them, and how to regulate it in a healthier way for me. Then I found my embodied way of connecting with my feelings all the time.

You realized with a good sense and awareness what my themes in the sessions might be/are and I felt comfortable with the postures and embodied and symbolic movements. I felt a great relief while showing my conflicts and felt accepted. I then got an immediate idea from you—or in relationship with you—how to start a new way of looking to the resources that I may have to solve these “problems.” And afterwards the relief stayed, which was a sign for me that it was okay.

Returning to the situations in normal life again, I remembered the sessions and my solutions again, and I found more self-confidence to act with more awareness and to understand my process better, with compassion, not with critic like before.

—Birgit Gehm-Forster, dance therapist

Going through the sessions with Natasha, was a journey of tremendous re-balancing, self-discovery, and clarification of my intentions and purpose of doing what I was doing and what I want to start doing. 

With her amazing capacity to feel into the situation, she gave me an accurate and insightful vision that helped me realize the patterns and connect the dots in a very effective and fluid way.

I felt very well listened to and cared for by her guidance while feeling the freedom to explore and understand my own creation in the situation, helping me enormously to see what I could not see by myself.

Being a dancer and designer and an embodiment facilitator myself, I’m so grateful to have had the great chance to be facilitated by Natasha. I have learned so much in just two sessions, not only about how to resolve the situation I wasn’t able to see by myself but also about the transparency, authenticity, and real honest intention coming from the heart to help others. 

And even more, her amazing skills in writing and offering a summary of all the flow and what happened during the session is an invaluable tool to help the body-mind to remember, to keep the process evolving in an ongoing way in my life, and to keep the work with the found resources during the session.

I loved working with her and think it is a gift that you shouldn’t miss giving to yourself and to your life, if you want to go deeper most authentic experience that will bring you to a real life-changing journey,

—Reyna Perdomo, Dancer, Designer, Embodiment Coach