I am a certified facilitator in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence who works in a direct and immediate way to support you in accessing and expressing your authentic self in all life areas. My deepest wish is to be a witness to your authentic self-expression.

I meet people where they are and I know how to really listen. ​I am an eternal optimist who has suffered the deepest of pain and have come out the other side having learned a lot about grief and joy. I live a spontaneously intentional life, pursue my passions, and let the universe guide me.

In 2013, I took a deep dive into conscious movement—5Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation, and community dance. This is where I learned to get out of my head and into my body. In addition to finding immense joy, I also found deep release.

​Over the years, I’ve explored any number of philosophies and spiritual paths—Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism, Insight, Nondual, Integral Theory, to name a few. And I’ve done my fair share of therapy. However, I am not a follower of any path but my own, which is precisely what I wish for you.

​UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is a richly integrative modality used by coaches and therapists to support deep and lasting embodied change. It is a body-mind-awareness-based framework for learning how to “shift your state” from one of imbalance to one of more balance.

I not only studied the modality, but I worked for more than a year on content and curriculum design with Dylan Newcomb, the founder and director. And in 2020, I became a certified UZAZU embodied facilitation practitioner.

Freedom means doing what you love.

I have been a sailor my whole life, and in 2020, I bought a Freedom 36 sailboat with my partner Will, which we named NIRVANA. We’ve been living aboard on-and-off since June, 2021. You can check out our blog at: www.surrendertotheabundance.com

For a couple of years, I ran a dance in Portland, Maine where I put together music sets. You can check them out on Spotify under the user name hejira27.

In addition to dancing, I write poetry and personal reflection, take photographs, love to sing, have done theater, and am learning to play the piano. Previously, I worked as instructional designer, e-learning developer, and technical writer.