You’ve arrived here because some part of you is seeking support on your journey.

No matter where you are in your life, I will meet you where you are.

You have everything you need right now, and that’s where we begin.

Let your body be your guide

Step one is to identify the situation, challenge, or tension that’s alive for you in the present, and then to feel into the experience of it in a direct, embodied way. How? By turning your attention inward—toward the body—and becoming aware of the physical sensations, feelings, and emotions that arise.

You might need support in eliciting and identifying your feelings, or you might have direct access but are easily overwhelmed by them. In whatever way you relate to your feelings, we will create a safe space for you to explore what you feel, at whatever distance or level of intensity feels right for you.

Experiencing your feelings in such a direct way typically brings up thoughts or memories that help you uncover the wider context. Does this feeling remind you of feelings you’ve had in the past? Is this something you often feel or only in relation to certain people or situations?

Here is where we begin discover and bring awareness to the conditioned patterns that might be at play in your life.

Moving with your experience

Once you’ve elicited your feelings in relation to your issue, you can now explore more consciously to uncover the essential patterns at play in your system. To do this, I invite you to move with your experience in whatever way feels natural to you.

This is where you begin to experience how your body can either contribute to your feelings of tension or imbalance, or alternatively to support you in tapping into a more authentic expression of who you are.

An important part of “essentializing” your experience in this way is identifying and speaking the beliefs that underlie your feelings. “I have to . . . ,” “I can’t . . . ,” “I should . . . ,” and “I shouldn’t . . .” are common themes that we use to get to the source of your feelings.

Exploring what’s possible

By embodying your experience in the present, perhaps you’ve gained some awareness and insight into how your stress, tension, or discomfort is blocking your full self-expression.

Next, in the safety of the session, we explore alternative ways of responding that are perhaps less familiar to you. You might try moving your body in a way that stretches you in a different direction—perhaps leaning in when your pattern is to move away, softening when your habit is to move into action, widening your gaze when your tendency is to focus in, or dropping into your body when your default is to be in your head.

Along with these embodied movements, you get to “try on” different beliefs that support the shifts you want to make. Here, we work with themes like “I can . . . ,” “I want to . . . ,” and “I get to . . .”

This is a playground where you get to feel what it’s like to embody new ways of moving and being in the various contexts of your life. It’s also a place where you get to try on new thoughts and beliefs—about yourself, others, and the world. And it’s a place where you get to safely experience what it’s like to expand what’s possible for you and what that might mean in your life.