As life unfolds, we want to be fully present and respond authentically to what arises in each moment, without our habitual patterns holding us back from the natural expression of our being.

By allowing ourselves to accept and appreciate ourselvesas we are right now—we find a direct path toward the unique expression of our authentic selves in all areas of our lives.

As such, we begin to shed the many layers of conditioning that limit the richness of our experience—of ourselves, others, and the world.

By shedding these layers, we naturally surrender to the abundance that exists within and around us at every moment. And this is where magic happens!

Our bodies hold a great deal of wisdom, which we often aren’t aware of, overlook, or outright ignore. While our minds have a lot to say about what’s going on and why, we often overemphasize the importance of our rational thinking relative to the wisdom held in our bodies.

Our physical sensations and emotional states have a lot to tell us about how we feel about our experience—that is, how we make sense of our experience in all areas of our lives—not just in our minds, but in our bodies.

When we can truly listen to our bodies, we come to recognize the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are holding us back from our unique, authentic self-expression.

Our thoughts and feelings are often based on old narratives that hold us back from experiencing deep appreciation—for ourselves and others. Or we might be overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings, which can cause us to feel stressed, anxious, numb, and/or paralyzed.

Our motivations and desires often derive from external rather than internal sources, which can cause us to feel frustrated or disconnected from what we’re doing—for ourselves and for others. Or we might be held back by fear or a lack of self-worth, which can limit our imagination of what’s possible.

Our connection and sense of belonging in the world are often colored by expectations, judgment, or lack of empathy and compassion. This can cause us to withdraw emotionally or socially, or to lose connection to ourselves in our relationships.

Our creativity and contribution toward others and the wider world are often blocked by feelings of disengagement or lack of focus. This can mean we lose out on experiencing true satisfaction in what we create and offer to others and the world.